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Pillars Of The Company

Deepa Mutha

Continuous learning is a process of life, pinnacle of attitude & vision for the future. This is what Deepa believes, despite being 43 years old; she is completed MBA from Symbiosis International University. She is a Economic and Finance professional who has helped her family successfully to expand business. She also has an extra edge in management and administration.

Mr. Sanjay Lohade & Mrs. Gauri Lohade

When you believe in yourself, there is no force in the universe that can stop you. Sanjay has proved it right by successfully establishing Real Value Advertisers as the leading outdoor advertising firm in and around Pune. Well supported by Gauri Lohade in every walk of life, his undefeated will to succeed and a vision to achieve the unachieved has expanded his investment into the real estate sector. Now he is an integral part of Atrium Homes and inspiring everyone with his exceptional marketing skills and dedication towards work.

Mr. Tejpal Ranka

Promising purity and quality through their leading jewellery chain, Ranka jewellers have been his family intent. Tejpal embodies the very same qualities. His importance and vision in causing the retail revolution in PCMC, recently won him the title “Icon of PCMC.” His dedication to quality is what builds our essence at Atrium Homes.

Mr. Rajesh Kasat

You take a lead and world will follow you, the firm believer of the philosophy ‘Rajesh Kasat’ has achieved success in everything he has decided to do. Being the past president of the Pune Stock Exchange and envisioning and Founder of Kasat Securities are just a few feathers in Rajesh’s Cap. His acumen in the financial world and business skills has successfully put a step ahead in the wealth management world. This very skill along with his experience in various fields gives us a boost.

Mr. Dharmendra Joshi

They say, the ones who have achieved success are the ones who have put their heart and soul in the work. This is what Mr. Dharmendra Joshi does when he decides to do something. In his long 25 years’ experience in real estate and manufacturing units of construction material he has achieved many pinnacles with sheer excellence. And today his experience and undefeated will gives us strength to build the brand Atrium. A vested interest in strategic finance at Carcanet Infra Projects Pvt. Ltd. nevertheless adds a helping hand to our team.

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